Green Tea Extract Helps You Lower Your Sugar Level And Helps Your Diet

Nowadays people want to live healthier and slimmer. However, they may be confused due to various methods recommended from this and that. Regardless of methods or procedures for losing weight, it is not enough without appropriate supplement. Talking about supplement, most people will refer to drugs or medications. However, there is a powerful natural source that people can consume for losing weight. It is green tea.

Some people may be afraid of this natural medication because it tastes bitter. Indeed, it tastes bitter, and there is a reason behind that. The first this is related to its content that can heal someone from excessive weight. It is really common to find bitter medication, and this taste is a part of that medication. Secondly, it tastes bitter because of unprofessional work done. Turning the green tea into delicious beverage really takes complicated procedures.

Green tea works in various ways for making people lose their weight. One of them is due to caffeine content within the tea. Some people may wonder that coffee will be great alternative for replacing green tea. However, it is worth to note that caffeine within green tea is significantly lower compared to coffee. The comparison of caffeine content between two drinks is around 1:5 for green tea and coffee respectively. Green tea retains its caffeine content while still giving nice kick for improving performance. Therefore, it can be said green tea is ideal for beverage in particular time.

Talking about the benefit, green tea extract helps you burn fat, and it has various kinds of antioxidant. So, some people may wonder again regarding relation between antioxidant and fat burning. Some antioxidant really can break down fat cells. It means that anyone who wants to burn the fat, consuming green tea should be wise option to take. Regarding green tea, the antioxidant is called EGCG. It will break the fat cell into something that can be transformed into bloodstream. That way, the fat can be converted into energy which leads to slimmer appearance. However, it really needs a process before making it real.

Green tea is only a supplement, and each individual still should do exercise for losing weight. The reason is because the fat transported in bloodstream will be used for cells that need energy. If there is no cell – muscle tissue – that needs energy, the fat will return to its original state. Therefore, the struggle for drinking green tea will be ineffective.

After knowing that green tea works through antioxidant and caffeine, it is actually great in boosting metabolism. As process of regeneration, metabolism is really essential for losing weight. Metabolism is based on calorie spent for a day. The more calorie is burnt, there is no chance for sugar to stay in the body too long because they will be used right away. To give a view, additional calorie burnt is around 4% (depending on individual). It really seems very small percentage, yet it is applicable for thousands of calorie. Therefore, it can make a huge impact for each individual health after consuming green tea.

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Why Is HFCS So Cheap?

High Fructose Corn Syrup is dirt cheap. Why? Well, let’s look at where your tax money goes.

As we already mentioned in our What is HFCS article, it is a well known fact that the US government subsidizes the corn growers of America and heavily taxes the import of table sugar from other countries. How much, exactly, of your tax money goes towards supporting the corn growers?


That’s correct – America spends almost four billion dollars on corn subsidies. And that’s only in 2009. The total amount of subsidies given throughout 1994-2009 is a mind-boggling 75 billion dollars! What amount goes towards subsidizing sugar beet production? $0. To top things off, not only does the government discourage domestic sugar production, it also places taxes (tariffs) on import of table sugar from other countries.

Why is that?

The original intent of the subsidies was to ensure a stable food supply in our country. Now, much surplus corn rots in large piles outdoors due to over-production. The excellent documentary, King Corn, available on Netflix goes into much detail about corn subsidies in the U.S.

One doesn’t need a degree in economics to see what’s wrong with this picture. The result? Once you can get the cost of a raw ingredient down next to nothing, economic forces dictate finding uses for it. But it’s hard to believe the original intent of corn subsidies was to create a fat America.

At the end of the day, it’s practically impossible to find foods that don’t contain corn by-products, especially refined corn syrup, which, in the amounts the average American is consuming it, has been shown to cause a variety of health problems.

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New York To Ban Food Stamps For Soda

As you know, we spend a lot of time discussing high fructose corn syrup here on But we’d also like to help keep everyone informed about the dangers of consuming too much of any kind of sugar. Making the headlines recently is the idea being circulated that food stamps should not be used to buy softdrinks. We couldn’t agree more. Food stamps already cannot be used to buy alcohol and cigarettes. So why not eliminate their use for sugary softdrinks that are contributing to the obesity problem? We applaud New Yorkers who support this effort!

The real questions are: Will this pass? Will other states follow suit?

What is your opinion: Do you think people should be able to buy softdrinks with their food stamps?

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If It Tastes Good Spit It Out!

Scooby says, “If it tastes good, spit it out!” Scooby Werkstatt maintains Scooby’s Workshop, a fitness web site focused on diet and exercise. He offers great videos on proper nutrition and great exercise routines. Believe it or not, Scooby is fifty years old and is a completely natural body builder who doesn’t do steroids or use exotic nutritional supplements. In this video, Scooby talks about the obesity epicdemic and the high content of sugar and high fructose corn syrup in our food supply.

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HFCS rename to Corn Sugar becomes a ‘Sticky PR Mess’

What happens when you a) spend millions of dollars to build a new name, web site, and marketing campaign, in an attempt to spin a innocent new name to try to re-identify your enzymatically altered corn glucose and b) someone on the internet finds out about it? You end up with a sticky mess, that’s what.

According to an article in the Huffington Post, Dr. Andrew Weil, founder and director of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, claims that the Corn Refiners Association’s attempt to rename HFCS to Corn Sugar has become a bit of a sticky public relations mess for them.

Says Dr. Weil, “Now, several days after the petition to the FDA, what remains striking to me about this whole episode is how public, how incredibly visible, this attempted subterfuge has become. The CRA clearly hoped to do this quietly – as it might have in, say, 1994, when the story might have garnered only a few inches of type buried deep in the Times’ gray pages.’

Dr. Weil goes on to say how social media and the internet have helped raise awareness of  these types of ploys. We like to think we’re doing something to help educate consumers as well.

Dr. Weil also affirms a message we want to keep driving into the public’s eye about HFCS (or Corn Sugar): “ main worry is that the syrup’s cheapness, due to corn subsidies, allows manufacturers to sweeten a huge percentage of the American food supply. I believe that’s been a significant contributor to the obesity-diabetes epidemic.”

Keep up the good work Dr. Weil! Read more here.

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